Digital assistant of the GP

With this chatbot, you can experiment and handle the first contact with a general practice (for non-emergency help) via a chatbot. Could such a chatbot be of added value and assist a medical assistant?

This chatbot will try to identify the “request for help” from the patient and will eventually provide a summary. The chatbot will also create a summary for the patient’s electronic health records, relieving the doctor’s assistant and physician of some of the administrative work.


Example of a previous interaction with this bot:

Assistant: Hello, I am a digital assistant from the general practice. Why do you want to make an appointment?

User: I’m having a persistent cough.

Assistant: I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing a persistent cough. Can you tell me more about your cough? How long have you had it? Is it a dry cough or do you produce any phlegm?

User: There is sputum (green) and I’ve had it for three weeks now.

Assistant: Thank you for sharing that information. A cough with green sputum can indicate an infection. Have you experienced any other symptoms along with the cough, such as fever, fatigue, or shortness of breath?

User: Yes, in the beginning I had a fever but not anymore. No other symptoms.

Assistant: I see. It’s good to know that your fever has resolved. Have you noticed any triggers or patterns with your cough? For example, does it worsen at certain times of the day or when you’re exposed to certain environments or substances?

User: Yes, when I go walking it gets worse.

Assistant: Thank you for sharing that. It’s interesting that your cough worsens during physical activity. Have you noticed any other symptoms or discomfort during or after your walks, such as chest pain, wheezing, or difficulty breathing?

User: No.

Assistant: Thank you for providing that information. It’s helpful to know that you don’t experience any other symptoms or discomfort during or after your walks. Based on what you’ve shared, it seems that your main concern is your persistent cough with green sputum that has been going on for three weeks. Is there anything else you would like to add or any other specific concerns you have related to your cough?

User: I’m worried about cancer, but would like to discuss that with the doctor.

Assistant: I understand your concern about cancer, but I’m not able to provide a diagnosis or medical advice. However, I can assure you that discussing your concerns with a doctor is a good idea. They will be able to evaluate your symptoms, perform any necessary tests, and provide you with appropriate guidance. Is there anything else you would like to mention or any other questions you have?

User: No thank you

Assistant: Alright, I will make note of your concern about a persistent cough with green sputum for three weeks and your worry about cancer. I recommend discussing these concerns with the doctor during your appointment. Thank you for providing this information.

User: Thanks!

Assistant: Summary for the GP: The patient is seeking an appointment due to a persistent cough with green sputum for the past three weeks. The cough worsens during physical activity, particularly when walking. The patient initially had a fever but it has resolved. There are no other symptoms such as chest pain, wheezing, or difficulty breathing. The patient has expressed concern about cancer and would like to discuss this with the doctor. No other specific concerns were mentioned.