It is my passion to translate scientific insights and technology developments to healthcare impact. As an assistant professor at Maastricht University and a senior scientist at Philips Research, I combine my scientific curiosity with the clinical need for valorization.

As an academic scientist, I strive to bring more insight in the arrhythmia mechanisms of patients that suffer from sudden cardiac arrest without a clear cause (also known as idiopathic ventricular fibrillation). Ultimately, this would not only help diagnosis and treatment of these patients, but also help the early detection of a risk for sudden cardiac arrest in undiagnosed, seemingly healthy individuals. I am also interested in a more broader understanding of how we can create healthcare impact from disease insights and technology developments.

As an industry scientist, I aim to bring the newest insights of the field of cardiac research to the benefit of patients and cardiologists by improving the transition from science to valorization in a transparent fashion.

Ultimately, I hope to use my dual background as biomedical engineer and medical doctor to bring the fields of industrial engineering, academic science and clinical medicine closer together.

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