FiCE 2018 – From bits and pixels towards patients

Thursday 27 September, 2018

Maastricht UMC (Hospital), Maastricht

7:45   Registration with coffee and cake
Session I: BITS
8:00 Organizers Word of welcome
8:05 Natalia Trayanova
Johns Hopkins University
Keynote I: Computer modeling to improve risk stratification of sudden cardiac death and guide ventricular tachycardia ablation
8:50 Matthijs Cluitmans
Maastricht University & Philips Research
Computational modeling to study arrhythmia mechanisms on top of ECGI-detected substrate
9:10 Peter Huntjens
Maastricht University
Electrical substrates driving response to cardiac resynchronization therapy: A combined clinical–computational evaluation
9:30 Nathalie Virag
Industry vision: Medtronic Cardiac Virtual Patient
9:50   Coffee and tea
Session II: PIXELS
10:15 Fu Siong Ng
Imperial College London
Keynote II: Advanced imaging and image integration to improve the understanding and management of cardiac arrhythmias
11:00 Uyen Nguyen
Maastricht University
A personalized roadmap for CRT: Integration of MRI, CT and ECGI
11:20 Katja Odening
University Heart Center Freiburg
Understanding arrhythmogenesis through electromechanical imaging of the heart
11:40 Ger Janssen
Philips Research
Industry vision (Philips): A digital twin approach for cardiology: image-based modeling to guide therapy
12:00 All participants Round table discussion
12:30 All participants Group photo & goodbye


the Maastricht Electrocardiographic Imaging group