The Maastricht ECGI group is a loose ensemble of medical doctors, engineers, mathematicians and physicists that are interested in solving the inverse problem of electrocardiography, in order to obtain noninvasive reconstruction of electrical heart activity, with the goal to apply this technique in patients and to improve health care.

Some of the current members are, in alphabetical order:

  • Joël Karel, PhD, engineer. Assistant professor.
  • Jordi Heijman, PhD, biomedical engineer. Assistant professor.
  • Matthijs Cluitmans, MD, engineer. Postdoctoral researcher.
  • Paul Volders, MD, cardiologist. Full professor.
  • Pietro Bonizzi, PhD, biomedical engineer. Assistant professor.
  • Ralf Peeters, PhD, mathematician. Full professor.
  • Ronald Westra, PhD, theoretical physicist. Associate professor.

Many others are somehow connected to this research as well, both in Department of Knowledge Engineer (Maastricht University) and in the CARIM School for cardiovascular diseases (Maastricht University Medical Centre).

the Maastricht Electrocardiographic Imaging group